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Limitless B2B

Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with our state-of-the-art headless platform, meticulously crafted to propel your business to new heights.
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A globe with 3 highlighted sections. ERP section contains Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Finance.
Omnichannel section contains Website, In-Store, Mobile App, Marketplace, E-Mail and Socials.
Cloud Data section contains Server, Database, Applications and Storage.

Built for B2B

Empower Your Business with The eCommerce Solution You've Been Looking for

Discover the Ultimate eCommerce Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Harness the power of Fiber's composable and headless architecture. Elevate your business with a tailored approach that blends precision with cost-efficiency, unlocking unparalleled flexibility and innovation.
An image describing 5 main advantages of Fiber: Flexible. Powerful, SCAlable, Simple and Headless.An image describing 5 main advantages of Fiber: Flexible. Powerful, SCAlable, Simple and Headless.

The Ultimate Modular Approach

Expand Your Reach and Scale Your Business with Fiber

Expand Your Reach and Scale
Your Business with Fiber

Elevate your eCommerce journey with Fiber's modular design, integrating powerful Product Information Management, dynamic Marketplace capabilities, and streamlined Order Management. Craft your platform tailored to your needs, ensuring adaptability at every growth phase and achieving unmatched flexibility.
Phase 1
Product Data
Take control of your product information with Fiber's powerful PIM system. Efficiently streamline processes, eliminate errors, and ensure accurate and timely Product Information.
Phase 2

Product Selling
Unlock new sales opportunities with Fiber's Marketplace Module. Effortlessly expand your reach, selling your products on various channels and connecting with a wider customer base.
Phase 3
Easy Order

Simplify and streamline operations for enhanced productivity. Handle tasks with ease, minimize effort, and optimize your workflow. Experience seamless Order Management with Fiber.
PIM Icon.
Centralized Product Mastery
The power of Fiber's PIM to centralize and manage your product data. Elevate your business efficiency by reducing discrepancies, ensuring data accuracy, and delivering timely product information to your stakeholders.
Marketplace Icon.
Expanding Business Horizons
Tap into new avenues for growth. Seamlessly introduce your products to diverse channels, broadening your market presence and fostering deeper connections with a diverse customer base.
OMS Icon.
Streamlined Operational Excellence
Navigate the complexities of order management with precision, reduce manual interventions, and drive business productivity. Experience a fluid and efficient order process that aligns with your business goals.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Product Information

There’s a Better Way to Manage
Product Information

Easy import - Quickly import product data from Excel, CSV, or APIs.
Improved Data Quality - Track product data accuracy with scoring.
Endless information - Add unlimited attributes, descriptions, and media.
Catalog Creation - Create custom catalogs for each of your channels.
Omni-Channel Reach - Sell on multiple channels including your website, marketplaces, and social media.
Product Organization - Define categories and kits for simplified B2B procurement.
Category Creation screenshot presented on PC.

Customizable eCommerce

Tailor Your eCommerce Platform
to Fit Your Unique Needs

Tailor Your eCommerce Platform to Fit Your Unique Needs

Dive deep into the technological prowess of Fiber. Our platform is not just about meeting business needs; it's about harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to give you a competitive edge. A platform that's uniquely yours with Fiber's advanced composable commerce. Our architecture allows for granular customization, ensuring you have the freedom to design, modify, and scale as per evolving technological trends.
Hexagon structure describes how easy you can add and remove application modules.Hexagon structure describes how easy you can add and remove application modules.
Experience agility like never before with Fiber's application-building framework. Seamlessly integrate new modules, features, and functionalities. Benefit from our decoupled architecture, where frontend presentation and backend eCommerce functionality operate independently, ensuring optimal performance.
Embrace the Future of B2B eCommerce: Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and unlock unparalleled flexibility and customization with Fiber.

Everything B2B Needs

Get ready to take your company to new heights with limitless flexibility and scalability.
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Speed &Performance
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Fiber is the leader.

Dynamic eCommerce for the Future

Finally, a Headless Approach Specifically for B2B

A Tailored Headless Solution for B2B Enterprises

Navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with Fiber's forward-thinking platform. Experience unmatched flexibility, scalability, and performance tailored to the unique demands of B2B commerce. Our platform is designed to grow with you, ensuring consistent high-speed performance and adaptability.
Seamless Technological Integration
Choose the best technologies and services that align with your business vision. Integrate them effortlessly into the Fiber ecosystem, expanding your digital capabilities and setting the foundation for success.
An image describes adopt piece.
An image describes measure piece.
Data-Driven Business Insights
Harness the power of Fiber's advanced analytics tools. Monitor vital metrics, derive actionable insights, and steer your business with confidence using data-backed decisions.
Stay Agile in a Changing World
With Fiber's modular headless architecture, adapt and evolve your platform with ease. Swap components, introduce new features, and ensure your business remains agile and responsive to market shifts.
An image describers evolve piece.

Streamline Your Marketplaces and
Maximize Efforts with Fiber

Streamline Your Marketplaces
and Maximize Efforts with Fiber

Casting a wider net to a larger audience doesn't have to stretch your organization thin.

Streamline all your online marketplaces and effortlessly maximize your marketing efforts with Fiber's seamless integration and cross-channel connectivity.
PIM Import screenshot presented on several devices.

Visionaries Behind Fiber

Merging Expertise with Innovation

At the heart of every groundbreaking idea lies the fusion of experience and imagination. It's where knowledge meets creativity, birthing innovations that redefine boundaries and shape the future.
Preetham Reddy
Preetham Reddy
With over a decade in software development, Preetham has worn multiple hats, from operational roles to mastering SOA applications and supply chain management. His deep expertise drives the technological backbone of Fiber.
Leo Oliemans
Leo Oliemans
Leo stands as a beacon in Quality and Supply Chain Management. His illustrious career journey has equipped him with insights and skills that are instrumental in upholding Fiber's commitment to excellence.
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eCommerce, Redefined

Your Complete Digital Commerce Solution

An Entire eCommerce Ecosystem at Your Fingertips 

Unlock the full potential of Fiber's modular eCommerce ecosystem. Tailor every aspect of your platform to align perfectly with your business objectives. Dive into a world of innovation with the most sophisticated B2B solution on the market.
Experience the next evolution of eCommerce, right at your fingertips.
A hand holding a globe with 6 sections: CPQ, OMS, PIM, CMS, Members, Dashboard.
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